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Ankara Atatürk Anatolian High School and METU Business Administration graduate Eren, after 15 years of corporate IT and banking experience, changed his career and became a full time musician / song writer. Ahmet Beyler, the last of many bands he founded in his 30-year music life, still continues his journey. He won the best song prize in the 2010 Jack Daniel's Composition Contest with his band, with "Osman", which was composed by him. In 2002, he placed 3rd in the Halıcı Midi Composition Contest with his song Fikirler, whose lyrics and music belonged to him. He has been producing collective songs and jingles - movie soundtracks - album productions in partnership with Emre Çakar between 2016 and 2021, and alone as of 2021. For more: www.erentokgoz.com


Nur Dilara Rose

She graduated from Semaver Kumpanya Theater School and Haliç University Conservatory Theater Department. She worked as a drama teacher at Okan College, Armada Schools and Metropolitan College. She still continues to teach drama and theater at the Istanbul Drama Art Academy. She acted in Sahne Hal Theater's 'CADILAR' play; in Kadıköy Theatron 'OFSAYT' play and in the "Ciplak Vatandaslar" play directed by Laçin Ceylan, one of the most successful plays of recent years in Turkey.



She was born in Balıkesir. She graduated from Bursa UH Anatolian High School and Boğaziçi University, Department of Economics. She started her music career as a choirist and soloist in school and youth choirs and school music groups during high school education. She've gotten classical guitar training from Uludağ University music department teachers and sang in the youth choir established within the same university. She took part as a soloist for 4 years in the music group she founded during his university years, and gave concerts in and out of school. After university, she took voice and singing techniques lessons from her singing teacher, Soprano Günay Acar, for 4 years. She took part in the Amateur Singing Ensemble established within the Kadıköy Municipality and performed at the end of the year concerts. She had the opportunity to learn about Orff's approach in music by participating in many seminars and courses opened within the body of Orff Schulwerk. She completed her Music Therapy training at Başkent University. She gave breathing and singing techniques lessons to the pre-school teachers of Nar İmece Kindergarten in the 2019-2020 terms.  Currently she facilitates the Ministry of National Education  workshops and trainings focused on music, movement, breathing, singing and dance in pedagogy seminars prepared for pre-school teachers. She plays guitar, ukulele, flute, bendir and percussion instruments and continues his education on the piano. She joined the Social Music team in 2021. Together with the team, she produces social media content that follows the agenda and organizes workshops for different institutions.



She was born on January 04, 1987 in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. She is professionally dubbing and acting, and has been singing for many years. She has three audio books on Amazon Audible, children's songs she made for a children's channel on Youtube, and different children's songs projects world wide.



She grew up with music since childhood. While studying and working, she sang with various orchestras and bands. Currently, she continues to sing in her own band and with the Social Music team.



Emrah's journey with music started when he was still crawling, making noise with all kinds of kitchen utensils such as pots and pans. Over the years, by first discovering the mandolin and then the guitar, Emrah, who carried the sessions of disturbing the household and neighbors to a more instrumental channel, grabbed the microphone offered to him at a pool party in Datça and realized that his voice could also be an instrument. He loudly put into practice the singing lessons he took at the Pera Fine Arts Center during his university years, as the soloist of the alternative rock band Insect, at one of Taksim's distinguished venues, Açık Sahne. With the various cover band projects he has been involved in over the years and the compositions he has composed for his personal collection, he decided not to break away from music and finally to share music for social purposes and joined the Social Music team in 2021. He represents the overseas leg of the team and leads the workshops in English for international participants.